Kendon Standard Dual Stand Up Motorcycle Trailer

Dual Rail Trailer Product Description

Kendon's dual rail motorcycle trailer features the company's standard round tube steel construction, making the frame lighter and stronger. It has a lower platform with a longer, more durable ramp and integrated wheel chocks for a better loading experience, and removable rails so you can use it as a utility flatbed trailer with a 5' x 7' deck area. Kendon's dual rail motorcycle trailers for Harley and Goldwings feature torsion bar axles which make towing 2 bikes safe, quiet and smooth. Our Motorbike Trailer holds any size rear bike tire, comes with 13" chrome wheels, high grade trailer tires and larger casters - all features that ensure you enjoy your Kendon trailer for the next several decades.

Dual motorbike trailers come equipped with removable rails so they can be used as a utility trailer for transporting cargo. These motorcycle trailers are capable of safely carrying up to two heavyweight cruiser bikes and/or cargo up to 2000 lbs. These folding trailers are also specifically engineered to safely handle one heavy motorcycle, such as a Harley Davidson, Goldwing or similar, on either side of the trailer. This is due to the independent torsion suspension that each trailer for motorcycles comes equipped with. Kendon also offers an optional center rail accessory that allows for loading one bike down the center of the dual motorcycle trailer.

Raised Rail Guidance System with Oversized Tubing
You simply cannot see the front wheel of some of the heavy weight touring bikes for loading and unloading. The new design provides superior guidance of the front wheel into and out of the wheel chock.

  • Wheel Chock with Changed Leverage and New Pivot Point
    Easier to pull a super heavyweight bike out of the wheel chock when unloading. New contour design hugs closer to the tire giving greater clearance for chin fairings and low fenders.

  • 13" Radial Tires on Chrome Wheels as Standard Equipment
    Standard equipment on all Kendon Trailers. Softer, smoother and quieter ride (you'll feel it). Improved fuel economy, wider flat footprint for better tire wear, reduced blow out risk at high loads and high speeds. Superior puncture resistance and better tracking.

  • Consistent #1 selling consumer's choice in the Kendon line
  • Kendon's renowned towing performance originates within its finely tuned suspension package and precise load balancing
  • Classic elegant black frame and polished aluminum diamond plate
  • Removable rails for general utility use (with optional lockdown clamp)
  • Easily upgraded with a variety of upgrades and accessories

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