Helmet Ponytails Choice of Colors


Motorcycle Helmet Ponytails are the ultimate in helmet decoration. We can't guarantee that the novelties will turn you into Britney or your other idols, but they will certainly turn heads! GREAT GIFT IDEA

Now it's time for you to get on board with the hottest new trend....

Be the first in your area to sport around with the Motorcycle Helmet Ponytail!

  • They make riding safer - or you would think with the additional visibility... especially with the neon colors... 
  • People Notice Helmet Ponytails...They point ... They wave ... They give you thumbs up ...They take pictures... PLUS it's a fantastic conversation piece... Everyone wants to know how your hair is sticking out of the sides of the helmet...

The suctions cups - grips slick surfaces...diffuses light to prevent surface damage, they are UV Protected - won't yellow or deteriorate from sunlight and the tab on edge makes removal easy. Each set comes with Easy Application and Removal instructions. You can even just simply press on and your ready to go!

They are perfect for any glossy smooth finish style helmet but they are not recommended for the dull matte finishes . If you have stickers on your helmet you will have to remove or have a space about 2 inches wide to apply.


* Scrunchie color may differ from image. 


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