About Us

Welcome ladies!  If you have been riding for a number of years, how many times have you gone into a motorcycle shop or even to a bike show and looked for the women's section?  Wander through isles of black leather all the way to the back corner and there it is...the lone pink jacket.  The women's section. In recent years we have evolved to black jackets with a pink stripe.  Nice, but we want more.  Now don't get me wrong, we don't have anything against pink or black, the good old staples but we're ready to bust out.


In the past several years it is women who are credited with pulling the motorcycle industry out of it's slump. Just to give you an example, the number of female riders rose from 4.3 million  in 2003 to 6.7 million in 2012.  Almost one third of the medium weight cruiser bikes are now sold to women.  Be very proud of this my fellow females.  I came up in a time when there wasn't even a lone pink jacket. 


When shopping on our online store you will find that we are very proud of products made here in America.  Our custom boots are made in Oregon.  Our Saddlebags are made right here in California. Our tools are made in Ohio.  These companies employ women and eventually, we want you to meet them.


We will also offer some import products.  We understand that the price difference can mean to ride or not to ride for many people.  And there are products we just can't find here.  The companies we choose will employ and protect women and you can read more about this on our blog.  We will have an entire section devoted to the cause of human trafficking.  We believe this to be the most overlooked and underfunded tragedy in the world today. This will be the focus of our fundraising, events and rides.


This is an all bikes, all makes, all shapes, sizes, colors and ages store.  Everyone is welcome.  We are not man haters.  We are grateful to the men out there who have shared their knowledge, their shops, and the highway with us.  We may be able to give them something in return.  A new spin on engineering.  Female companionship on the highway.  A boost to the industry.  We will even give them a small section in our store just as they have done for us in the past. 


Our names are Suzie Alvernaz and Mandi Kindred. We are from Humboldt County California.  We love the old school Harleys, British bikes, Japanese engineering, and Scooters that are better now than ever before. We have all these bikes and we ride them.  Come with us.  Ride with us.  Tell us about your bike.  Tell us what you need and what you can't find.  We want to meet you.  Find us on Facebook.  And get ready.  Because things are changing.  The new trophy girl is winning trophies, not giving them.  Little girls are racing moto-cross. Grandma is selling the motorhome and buying a motorcycle. The new lady rider is woman-ing the throttle.   We're comin' - and we're comin' in HOT!

Ride safe,

Suzie Alvernaz




Suzie Alvernaz                           

currently on a 68 Triumph Tiger         



Mandi Kindred

Currently on a 2001 Harley Sportster